The Difference Between Original, OEM, OEE/Aftermarket Parts & Auto Glass.



This is the glass that came with the car originally when it was first built in the factory by the vehicle manufacturer (Examples: Toyota, Mercedes, Tesla, Ford). It is also referred to as Genuine, Dealer/Dealership, or Factory glass. It is often considered to be the highest quality glass available (although OEM parts are required to meet the same standards for material quality and safety), but it can also be the most expensive. Original glass is typically only available through authorized dealerships by special request, and will typically take longer to obtain once ordered.


OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These parts or auto glass are manufactured to the exact specifications of the original/genuine part (same features, safety, size, materials) but have a different logo/branding. This is because the large automakers outsource this work by selling licenses to other companies, and regulate the outsourced companies in order to makes sure everything is exactly like the originals that they produce in their factory. These parts and auto glass will be much more affordable as a replacement than opting for the original/dealership part, and is what we at AFG Auto Glass recommend to all of our customers; They are built exactly the same as the original in every respect minus the original logo, and you can get it for a much lower price.


OEE stands for Original Equipment Equivalent and is also very commonly referred to as Aftermarket auto glass or parts. This auto glass is made by companies not affiliated with the original manufacturer, but can be made to the same specifications as the original. OEE glass is typically the least expensive option, but it can vary in quality depending on the source. Some aftermarket glass may be made using lower-quality materials, which can affect the durability & safety. These parts and auto glass are made without using the same licenses and regulation that OEM or Original glass/parts would have. However, there are many reputable aftermarket glass manufacturers that produce high-quality glass that is just as safe and durable as Original or OEM glass. OEE glass is available at AFG Auto Glass, but we will typically not use it or recommend purchasing it (unless a customer requests aftermarket glass specifically).

It’s important to note that in some cases, using aftermarket glass may void your vehicle’s warranty. Additionally, some insurance companies may require the use of Original/Genuine or OEM glass for certain types of repairs. It’s essential to check with your insurance company and auto glass provider to ensure that you are choosing the right type of glass for your vehicle and your specific situation.

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